5 Tips to Healthier Cakes and Muffins

This past summer, I brought some muffins into work. Because of this, one of my coworkers asked me about my baking. I was telling her that I usually bake a few times a week and she looked surprised. Then she basically asked me how I am not overweight if I bake that often. I told her that I bake to bake and not to eat. However, I realize that is probably not the case for most people. For people who love to eat baked goods, moderation is key. Of course you can have one slice of chocolate cake, you just might not want to eat the entire cake. In addition to moderation, there are ways to minimize calories, fats, and sugar and increase fibre.

Making your baking nutritious can be tricky. Here are some creative ways to make your baking healthier.

  1. Instead of butter use the equal amount of mashed bananas.
  2. Instead of sugar use the equal amount applesauce.
  3. Instead of vegetable oil use half olive oil and half plain Greek yogurt.
  4. Instead of white flour use whole-wheat flour. You don’t necessarily need to replace all of the white flour, you can do as much as you like.
  5. Instead of chocolate chips, use shredded coconut. Don’t do this for all of the chocolate; that would be crazy!

What are some of your healthy baking tips?


7 thoughts on “5 Tips to Healthier Cakes and Muffins

    • Bananas yes. It would taste more like banana bread. Apples, not really. It doesn’t change the taste too much. When I substitute that one, I will do half sugar half applesauce.

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