Mushy Chocolate Covered Cookies

ImageToday, Julia came over for the afternoon. I would love to pretend that I am a good sister/babysitter, but this story wouldn’t be as good. I woke up early to go to work, so I was really tired. Originally Beth was supposed to watch Julia, so I was asleep on the couch. Beth had to go, so she woke me up and left. Now, here’s the part where I’m not a good sister… I didn’t exactly wake up. So Julia went to the kitchen and made some food while I slept. 

When I woke up, there was a lovely dessert prepared in the fridge and crumbs scattering the floor.  

Needless to say I love my little sis and I was pleasantly surprised by the end result. 

Here’s her recipe:

“First if you want to make the same type as me, take Chips Ahoy, put six on the plate. Take a handful of chocolate chips and arrange them on the cookies and microwave for 50 seconds, and then again for 60 seconds. Be careful not to burn it. Spread the chocolate around on each cookie. After that you put them in fridge for a while. FInally take the smallest measuring stick and pour a bit of milk on each cookie. Then take the biggest heart shaped spoon and pour milk on the plate, each cookie absorbs some of the milk.”


I know that this recipe is creative and technically not baking, but I thought I would share because it was so sweet. It’s like extra chocolatey, pre-moistened cookies.  




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