For the Love of Baking

Today I want to talk about why I love baking. I have always loved ice cream, cake, chocolate, cookies, and all thing delicious (except donuts, I don’t like donuts). In addition to my love of sweets, I find baking to be an escape. I began baking when I was seven. At this point in my life, chaos was everywhere. My dad had just passed away and grief surrounded my family. Each of my siblings had their own unique way of coping, and mine soon became baking. I would bake with my Grandma and my Auntie. (For those who wonder, why not my mom? Well… she burns things.) And no, not baking in an Easy-Bake Oven, in the real thing. I usually had supervision and support; but I was also allowed to do my own thing. I found, and find, that while I am in the kitchen creating something, I am at peace. I use that time to think and reflect. Or sometimes I use that time to avoid thinking and just focus on the task I have–escaping to a place where everything is ok. I’ve heard many people say that baking is too particular, and they would rather just throw some food in a pot and call it soup, which I get. I mean baking does require some sense of how much ingredient is needed. But what they are missing is the way it all works together. I love how no matter what, if you at egg yolks to hot milk, it will thicken. If you add baking soda to dough, it will rise. Every ingredient has a purpose and it is how they all react to each other that makes the end result. The connectivity of a recipe and how you can personally shape it to be whatever you want is what I love about baking. 


What helps you escape? What do you love/hate about baking?