Salt in Baking—Necessary?



 I have been baking since I was seven-years-old. That means I have been baking for more than half my life. I love it; but I have made my fair share of mistakes. (Shocking, I know.) One the mistakes I made the most often is leaving out the salt. I know that it has a bit of a bad reputation. And therefore you should be mindful of how much salt you’re adding to your baking, but unless you have a low sodium diet don’t omit it entirely. Salt is a key ingredient. In buttery dough, it makes it crispier, more brown, and less oily. In bread dough, it controls how much the dough rises and strengthens the elasticity of gluten. Salt also adds days of shelf life to your baking. Most importantly, it improves flavour (especially with chocolate). Salt contrasts with the sweetness to add complexity. Too sweet is not desirable; it adds balance to your baking. Salt takes your baking from meh to mouthwatering!


An awesome blog with more info: PIECEofCAKE

Do you add salt to your baking? Are there any other ingredients you want to know more about? 

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