5 Tips to Make Your Baking Cheaper  


Once I moved out, I realized how expensive baking is. Up until then my mom supported my habit . . . thanks Mom! Flour, sugar, spices, chocolate, and butter are all costly. Sometimes I will go to the grocery store and spend fifty bucks and then look over what I bought and think, “What the flip! Why does this cost so much?” 


I put together this list of all of my tricks to keep baking cheaper:

  1. Buy all the major ingredients (flour, brown sugar, and white sugar) in bulk. Buying small packages is a waste of money. Big packages are the way to go.
  2. Try to use salted butter or margarine in certain recipes, because it’s usually one to two dollars less than unsalted butter. Don’t do this in recipes that specifically say unsalted butter or for icing recipes.
  3. Don’t buy brand name products. Why would you spend the extra money on nothing? For products like cocoa, baking soda, baking powder, eggs, and oil the name doesn’t mean anything. For chocolate though, the cheaper stuff is much worse; spend the money for the delicious, rich chocolate.
  4. Use all of your ingredients. If you have a recipe that calls for egg yolks, then use the egg whites for something else, a meringue or a healthy omelet. When your bananas get spotty, bake with them.
  5. Bulk barn! That is the final and most important money saving tip. In general bulk barn costs less, and has a good variety of baking needs. For the students and seniors out there, Wednesdays are 10% off. It’s an awesome way to save a few bucks.


I hope this helps you all save some money on your baking. Let me know some of your tricks.


Image courtesy of: http://singletrackworld.com